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10 Best Gift Ideas For Your Gamer Boyfriend in 2022

Does your boyfriend only want to play video games?

Good, that means he’s not out cheating on you! 🙂

Gaming, whether on a console or on a computer, is usually one of the biggest interests for young men today.

Looking for a great gift for your boyfriend who loves gaming? Perfect, then you have come to the right place! In this guide, we help you find something that impresses the gamer and shows that you have spent time in your gift search.

Whether you are looking for a gaming gift for a boyfriend or a husband – we have the tips for you. It also does not matter if the gamer plays on computer, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo or mobile. There is something suitable for all types. Let’s dive right in!

No matter what game your boyfriend likes to play, no matter how old he is or what mood he’s in — this is literally the single most perfect product you could buy your boyfriend if he’s a true gamer. Ask anyone!

There is not a single gamer in the world that hasn’t heard of (and isn’t completely in love with!) the Super Mario Brothers. If you’re unsure what gift to buy your gamer boyfriend, this is an easy choice.

When cold, the coffee mug displays a plain Mario level background, but when a hot drink is poured, the background changes color and extra details appear, such as coins, enemies, clouds, and Mario himself.

Most had their first encounter with Mario in the game “Super Mario Bros”, which was released to the console NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) in 1985. It’s simply a legendary game with a set of legendary characters.

Mario was in fact in the arcade game “Donkey Kong” already in 1981. At that time Mario was a carpenter and went by the name “Mr. Jump Man ”.

A few years later, in 1985, Mario got the lead role in his first big adventure “Super Mario Bros”. The game was the first “pure” Mario game, and established well-known concepts such as “Mushroom Kingdom”, the iconic green pipe system, Princess Peach and gold money. The game had eight worlds where everything appeared in one screen.

“Super Mario Bros” became one of the best-selling video games ever and has sold over 40 million copies.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed a lot of pictures online at communities like Reddit of gamers decorating their rooms with all kinds of cool lights. This is a somewhat recent trend in our opinion and something that you should definitely keep in mind while looking for a great gaming gift for your boyfriend.

You know what it’s like. Your boyfriend is playing games with his friends all the time while you’re desperately trying to catch his attention. This game is hilarious in that aspect, because you know for a fact your boyfriend can’t hear you.

This is a cheap yet cocky light product for gamers that can have a huge impact in a room, no matter the color of the walls as this product is intended to be used when the lights are turned off.

The 3D night light comes with a remote control and touch control to adjust the 16 different colors as your boyfriend wishes.

Avoid tangled headsets and worn headphones that constantly fall to the floor and collect dust or are destroyed over time. With a headphone stand, your boyfriend gets a chance for a more stylish set-up to keep track of where his headphones are.

A headphone stand would not only become a practical part of his interior design but can also be a savior in times of need when all your gaming accessories are to be organized and your phone needs to be charged.

If you already belong to the organized type, the headphone stand can also be used for other things such as taking care of cables, rubber cords or keys.

Do not let your boyfriend’s gaming accessories wear out unnecessarily, keep track of both your everyday life, your mobile phone charged and your gaming gear in place.

The headphone stand can display 9 lighting effects modes, up to 16.8 million colors to create an amazing gaming atmosphere at your boyfriend’s preference. that can be selected merely by pressing a touch switch.

There is a lot of talk about screens, graphics cards and everything that relates to image quality when it comes to games. But many often forget that good sound is also an important part of the overall experience. In many games, an accurate sound reproduction is necessary so that you do not slip behind right from the start.

A set of powerful speakers is of course a good option. But few people live so lonely that they can turn up the volume and let bombs and grenades explode loudly without disturbing neighbors, family members or innocent pets. Then a gaming headset is preferable.

With gaming headphones, you also filter out sounds from the environment that can interfere with your gaming. It will also be easier to hear in which direction the sound is coming from in the game.

Compared to standard headphones, a gaming headset adapted for gaming provides better sound quality, especially when it comes to surround sound. Many of them also let you adjust the sound that you prefer in each of your games. This is good as it can vary from game to game what is the optimal ratio between bass, treble and midrange.

Gaming headphones are also built to be comfortable to wear for extended periods. If your boyfriend is one of those people who can sit and play for hours on end, this is something he will probably be eternally grateful for.

Memory foam is a high-density foam that is mainly used for the manufacture of mattresses and pillows. This product is awesome to use if your boyfriend needs to rest his feet while playing with his friends. It’s cheap, too!

It’s easy for your feet to start hurting when you play for extended periods of time. That’s why a foot rest like this is worth it’s weight in gold if you ask us.

Most of the gifts we’ve talked about thus far are quite common in the sense that there’s a slight chance your boyfriend might already own them. This product on the other hand is quite unique – not a lot of gamers think that their feet need to rest as well. They do.

Like we wrote above, the sound experience when playing games online is absolutely crucial. Especially if your boyfriend likes to play competitive games with his friends where they shoot at each other, also known as first-person shooters.

If your boyfriend already owns a pair of bigger headphones and would like another smaller version for a change then this is just the gift for him.

What makes these headphones unique is not only their amazing design which pretty much any gamer will love, but their low latency as well. 48ms ultra-low latency keeps the headphones synchronized with audio and video.

In other words, a great pair of in-ear gaming headphones which you don’t hear about quite often. These will be especially relevant if your boyfriend plays a lot of games on his mobile phone. That would finally close the circle.

Choosing the right gaming keyboard can be difficult, it can feel like navigating through a jungle of different plastics, manufacturers, lighting effects, sizes and switches. Luckily for you we’ve already done the research and have simply chosen the most affordable gaming keyboard we think would fit as the perfect gift for a gamer boyfriend right now.

Razer – The three-headed snake and the green color or Chroma lighting is something almost all gamers recognize. Razer is one of the most well-known brands in gaming and nothing goes undeserved. The long history of innovative products that lift the industry and have won countless awards over the years proves time and time again why they are at the top.

Any boyfriend that receives a Razer gift is a happy boyfriend – period.

This is a great keyboard for a boyfriend that plays a lot of games on the computer.

This is the single most classic quote in gaming of all time, probably.

Game over.

This is a wonderful gift for a boyfriend that’s into gaming and is currently in the process of decorating his own gaming room. What’s wonderful about it is its 3D effect that makes for a very interesting experience.

This is best used in a dark room to fully get a glimpse of its wonderful effects. A great night light, simply put.

Mousepads for gaming come in different materials, patterns and thicknesses, but the most important thing for a gamer is that the mouse pad has a large surface. This one does, and it comes with some wonderful RGB lights that look absolutely incredible in real life. You must try this one out for yourself.

This is a cheap gaming gift for your boyfriend that will have a huge impact.

In all likelihood he already owns a mouse mat of some kind that is quite large, but this is most definitely a lot more stylish. This looks great in dark rooms.

This is an absolutely wonderful gift for a boyfriend that’s into gaming.

You see, Tetris is one of the most popular games of all time. Every gamer has played Tetris at some point.

Somewhere between Pacman and World of Warcraft, Tetris was the most played, scattered and plagiarized game in the world. It was also the PC game that spread to workplaces to an extent that no other game came close to – you could run a game in a few minutes and actually seem more alert after concentrating on putting the falling modules together to complete rows.

This is another one of those gifts where if you’re unsure of what to buy – get this and everything will be fine.

Gift Ideas For Gamer Boyfriend: Summary & FAQ

Are you looking for a gift or Christmas present for your boyfriend that loves gaming, but find it easy to get lost in the jungle of options? You are not alone!

If you are not a computer nerd yourself, it is difficult to know what exactly that group of people think. It does not get any better that there are several thousand different products in gaming to choose from either. To help you along the way, we have compiled 10 gifts we ourselves (who are gamers) would appreciate, and we suspect that the majority of computer geeks out there agree.

What are things gamers need?

Depending on the type of gamer we are talking about, gamers usually need a good console or PC along with some stylish accessories with LED lights on them.

How can I help my gaming boyfriend?

Try buying him some nice gifts with a gaming touch to them. This makes just about any gamer light up.

We truly hope you enjoyed these best gift ideas for a gaming boyfriend.

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