Gifts for Dad

Are you looking for a fun gift for dad? We have lots of cool, crazy, stylish and unexpected things that are as fun to give as to receive. A good gift for dad can be comic clothes, comfortable slippers, nice games, a beer glass with the favorite team’s logo, an egg cooker or maybe a couple of fiscal songs. As you can hear, our range is very wide and you will be able to find the right gift for dad, no matter who he is and which of his interests or personality traits you want to draw attention to.

We are experts in gifts for dad of the slightly more unusual kind. When you find a gift that you never thought of, but that still feels completely clean as a gift to your dad, we know we’ve done a great job. We constantly look around among our many suppliers, always looking for gifts that have that little extra and that you only find at 1MillionGiftIdeas.

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A type of gift where we have a large selection of products is all that can be used to put a golden edge on this with enjoying beer, whiskey and and other good drinks. Many fathers like it. We are talking about such things as special glasses that bring out the taste perfectly, practical openers with an unexpected look, molds for fun ice cubes and equipment for the correct storage of bottles and jars with noble contents.

Another fun gift for dad on this theme are books with information, interesting anecdotes and tips related to his favorite drink.

This is a gift for dad that is about pure pleasure and that he might not be able to treat himself to. However, it's not all about drinks with us at Partykungen, but we also have gifts that make it more fun and easier to cook

Buying a fun gift for dad when he turns one or for Christmas is more or less a matter of course, but do not forget Father's Day! Then, of course, there are many reasons other than established holidays to buy a fun gift for dad. If the gift is unexpected, it can be extra appreciated.

We have cheap gifts for dad that are simple but fun and do not cost more than a few tens. We also have really exclusive gifts that suit dads with sophisticated tastes. For example, elegant equipment for the home bar. You can always find a suitable gift, no matter what your budget.

The right gift for a vain father – Does your or perhaps your children's father have a big beard that he cares about a lot? We have lots of products for decorating and styling a dad's facial hair.

The world's best dad – A simple but popular gift for dad that we sell a lot of here at Partykungen are fun items and items of clothing with a simple message. For example; The world's best father! It is a gift that is guaranteed to warm a father's heart, not least if it is his children or their mother who gave it away.

Buying a fun gift for dad is a good start, but feel free to give the gift distribution itself a fun and perhaps a little unexpected setting. It works extra well if he does not know that he will be noticed.

Try wrapping the gift nicely and place it in an unexpected place where you know he will see it. Choose from lots of whimsical gadgets and buy a fun gift for dad that makes him happy.

Showing 1–15 of 32 results