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4 Gift Ideas For Italian Coffee Lovers In 2022

Italians drink coffee as often as the rest of the world, but drink less coffee each time, which means that together they consume less in total. There are more coffee bars in Italy per capita than anywhere else in the world, around 200,000 to all the 60 million inhabitants who live there.

Coffee enjoyment is a sacred rite in Italy. From early morning to late afternoon, Italians drink their espresso, where the name suggests that the dark coffee is brewed in just under a minute.

Many Italians start their daily lives with a smooth cup at home, often so concentrated that most have sugar in it. Or they go down to the local neighborhood bar and swing a “cornetto”, that is, a croissant along with a creamy cappuccino. I myself can not choose which is best.

At home, today’s first cup of coffee has something magical about it. It is important to pack and squeeze the small Moka brewer for two cups. There is no better time of day than when you have just woken up to the morning sound of an espresso and feel how the kitchen is filled with the aroma of coffee. The brewer slowly starts to hiss gently. A sound that bubbles and grows into a crescendo that gets stronger and stronger and ends with a sizzling finale.

If you have an Italian coffee lover in your vicinity, these are the best gifts we recommend you take a closer look at.

The first thing on our list is this lovely Italian espresso and coffee maker.

The Moka brewer is a type of coffee maker that is placed directly on the hob. Moka Express was created in 1933 by the Italian designer Alfonso Bialetti and is now found in most Italian, Portuguese and Spanish homes, where this type of brewer is the most common for making coffee.

With a moka brewer, you can make very good coffee directly on the stove. The moka brewer originates from Italy and is a brewer used to make espresso. This type of coffee maker can also be called an espresso maker or espresso maker.

This Italian coffee maker consists of two different containers. In the lower container there is water, which when it starts to boil is forced up through a pipe (due to increased pressure) and then down through a filter. You put your freshly ground coffee beans in the filter and when the coffee is ready, you can pour it directly from the upper container.

Every Italian coffee lover needs to own one of these espresso making machines.
If they don’t – they’re not truly an Italian coffee lover if you ask us!

Make sure you take another look at the price. It’s extremely cheap given the enjoyment the recipient gets out of it!

Our highest recommendations.

This list wouldn’t be complete with an Italian coffee mug, don’t you agree?

As for the text on the mug, Italians may speak in loud voices to make themselves heard over one another. A raised voice is not necessarily a sign of anger, but can be an expression of excitement or conviction. You may find people talk over one another in order to be heard. You probably already knew this 🙂

This is a great gift for any Italian in general, but especially an Italian coffee lover.

Espresso is both the most complicated and the most rewarding brewing method for coffee.

At the end of the 19th century, a cup of coffee was a given element in the working day of the Italian knights, but the brewing methods available took valuable time from the working hours in the factories. Inventors turned to steam technology in search of a faster brewing method. The experiments yielded results. At the World’s Fair in Berlin in 1896, a machine was shown that could brew 3,000 cups per hour – many times faster than any previous technology.

The disadvantage of the technology was that the coffee tasted terrible, as the coffee was boiled in water that was much hotter than the 93-96 degrees recommended for coffee brewing. However, the machine inspired the Italian inventor Luigi Bezzera to create a coffee machine that presses hot water through finely ground coffee using steam pressure. This is where the seeds of the modern espresso machine were sown.

This Italian Espresso infographic is absolutely wonderful as a gift for an Italian coffee lover.
You can’t go wrong with this.

It can be convenient to buy several cups at the same time. Some sets consist of copper in different colors that match each other in a harmonious way.

If you have an espresso machine, you probably want to drink your espresso from a mug that fits the coffee. Many espresso cups are stackable and can be nice to have standing in front next to the espresso machine.

It can be convenient to buy several cups at the same time. This set contains 4.

The significant thing about the cups is that they usually hold between 6-11 cl drinks, even if they are not filled up that much. Some espresso cups have accompanying dishes, some have a handle and some have neither handles nor dishes. Most people usually agree that it is the small cup with handle and saucer that is the classic espresso cup.

Best Gifts For Italian Coffee Lovers: Summary

Some members of the church opposed coffee back in the day and called it “the devil’s drink.” But it was mostly during the 20th century that the Italian ingenuity was applied to the brewing of coffee and this resulted in the espresso machine and the Moka brewer seeing the light of day.

Why is Italian blended coffee is considered the best?

This is partly because it was the first time in Italy that roasted and packaged coffee and coffee blends were marketed with a consistently impeccable taste.

The tradition of preparing an excellent drink in Italy has been passed down from generation to generation, which strengthens the already strong place for Italian coffee on the world market. In addition, the masters are faced with the toughest competition, so Italian coffee producers mainly chase the quality of finished products, and only the best brands are truly retained on the world market.

Italian coffee beans and Italian ground coffee have been market leaders for decades. In a company like coffee production, no blender even tries to cheat and lower the price of its product by using low quality ingredients or decorating the product with artificial flavors and other additives.

Italian coffee producers, like no other, know that it is worth saving once, and it becomes almost impossible to regain the trust of their fans. It’s extremely difficult to get a good reputation, but it’s easy to lose, so you need to keep the brand!

These gift ideas for Italian coffee lovers should keep you busy for days!

We chose to keep this list quite short and only included the most popular products as of last year.

We truly hope you’re able to find a gift or two for the Italian coffee lover in your life!

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