10 x Insulting Christmas Balloons

20 $

Color: Red


  • ✅ Abusive Christmas Balloons – Sarcastically celebrate the joys of Christmas with this generous 10 pack of swearing balloons.
  • ✅ Excellent Gag Gift – Be jolly with those fellows in your life who have a love of all things funny, abusive, and swearing.
  • ✅ Conversation Starter – Top banter for the office xmas party – These funny balloons will get everyone talking the moment they enter the party room.
  • ✅ Secret Santa – Ideal for secret Santa gifts. Mixture of colours and 5 hilarious designs.
  • ✅ F*ck Yeah Santa! – Put them up in the house during the month of December with our long lasting high quality balloons

Package Dimensions: 19x114x45

Contained text on balloons x2:

  • I Hate Christmas
  • Merry Fucking Christmas
  • Birthday Boy (with a picture of Jesus)
  • Bah humbug!
  • Let’s Get Pissed


In the Nordic Christmas tradition, Christmas Eve is the highlight. This day comes Santa Claus, which in Sweden is a mix between St Nicolaus and the Swedish Santa Claus. To the extent that Christmas presents were distributed in the past, they were handed over by the Christmas goat. In the peasant society, Christmas Eve was the most solemn day, reminiscent of the birth of Jesus. The house was cleaned, the tools prepared and the work completed.

Christmas Eve is in the Nordic tradition the highlight of Christmas. The countdown to Christmas Eve takes place throughout December. Sometimes you can hear the expression “the day before the dip already”, referring to the fact that on Christmas Eve you dipped in the pot. During the 20th century, the mill was spread in Sweden to hang a sock with a small Christmas present in the morning, mainly for the children. This completely reflects an Anglo-Saxon gift tradition. For many families of TV age, Christmas lunch is eaten before “Kalle Anka’s Christmas”, which has been broadcast since 1960. Then Santa comes with the Christmas presents.

In the farming community, Christmas Eve was for most people the most solemn moment of the year. After many days of hard work, the farm people had now done the last chores before the weekend celebration. The Christmas wood was cut and brought in and out in the courtyard the birds’ Christmas sheaf was in place. The tools were taken in and inside the cattle house it was neat and tidy. The Christmas table was set and extra fine straw was laid on the floor, in some places called the joy of Christmas.

The Santa Claus we got used to during the 20th century as a Christmas present giver comes from legends about the pious St. Nicolaus. He appeared on the continent in medieval mystery games on December 6, carrying a goat on a leash. The goat was a picture of the Devil, which St Nicolaus symbolically tamed. In high-class environments – where Christmas presents were distributed from the 18th century – the distributor was a person dressed as a buck. The goat’s role was taken over by Santa Claus in the late 19th century. The first pictures of Santa Claus appeared in the English press in the 1840s. The Swedish Santa Claus is a fusion of a European tradition of a gift giver at Christmas and the Swedish Santa Claus. The Swedish farm elf – who was sometimes called “goenisse” – had nothing to do with gifts, but was a being who made sure that the farm and the cattle were taken care of. He was not seen, but if someone mistreated the animals, he could get an ear file. It is to this Santa we put out the Christmas porridge. When Jenny Nyström painted postcards of Santa Claus during the latter part of the 19th century, she was inspired by Santa Claus, who gave features to the Swedish Santa Claus.


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