14 x Walking Animal Balloons

30 $

Color: Fashion


  • Package includes 14 pieces different styles Animal balloons,patterns as showed in picture
  • About size:the size of animal balloons are 16″-25″depends on the shape. Ribbon included.children will love them
  • Made of aluminum foil, the color is shiny mental and uniform with spherical beauty; self-seal and leak-proof, stronger and longer lasting seal with seamless appearance
  • You can use helium hydrogen and air to inflate them
  • Great for wedding parties, birthday parties, and many other parties and festival occasions,they are also suitable for all needs balloons place. Special wedding, celebration, holiday, birthday, party activitie

Package Dimensions: 43x150x204

14 different patterns animal balloons
enough quantities for party use
Material:aluminum foil
Color:as showed in picture
Product size:25″*16″
Product weight: 9.8 ounce

children please use under adults

Package include:
14 pieces balloons

UPC: 710382600681


Animals are multicellular organisms that are characterized by being motile and heterotrophic, that is, receiving their energy from food, and constitute a realm within the classification of living organisms. With few exceptions, animals have muscles, a nervous system, and internal cavities in the body, intended for the breakdown of food.

It’s common for kids to like to play with stuffed animals.

In this case, you get a chance to purchase a great set of walking animals balloon that will make just about any child happy!

Animal balloons contained in package:

  • Walking Pig Balloon
  • Walking Turtle Balloon
  • Walking Hen Balloon
  • Walking Dog Balloon
  • Walking Cow Balloon
  • Walking Sheep Balloon
  • Walking Zebra Balloon
  • Walking Horse Balloon
  • Walking Cat Balloon
  • Walking Panda Balloon
  • Walking Tiger Balloon
  • Walking Kangaroo Balloon
  • Walking Giraffe Balloon
  • Walking Duck Balloon


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