5 x FRIENDS Wooden Spoons

33 $

What the spoons say:

  • You are my lobster
  • I’ll be there for you
  • Joey doesn’t share food


  • 【Healthy & Eco-friendly Friends Spoons Set】The wooden spoons measure about 11.8*2.4*0.3 inches. The spoons are made of high-quality and thick bamboo, with no chemical material on it. The engraved patterns on the spoons are well-designed and may look a little different because of the bamboo’s characteristic.
  • 【Friends Gift Idea】Package includes 5pcs Friends themed wooden spoons, featuring lobster, turkey, central perk, peephole frame, couch and other famous patterns from the tv show. They will be the best gift idea for the Friends fans.
  • 【Useful & Functional Utensils】These novelty wood spoons kit includes 5 different utensils: solid spoon, slotted spoon, slotted turner spatula, single hole mixing spoon, rounded fork. These spoons will be a practical tool for your kitchen. There is a hole on the end for easy hanging.
  • 【Unique Friends TV Show Gifts】This set of fantastic wooden spoon will surely be the first choice if you are looking for some special Friends tv show merchandise. Besides, it’s also a popular house and apartment warming gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, Mother Day gift or just a simple gift for expressing thanks to your friends or the party holders.
  • 【Satisfaction Guaranteed】If you have any questions, please feel free to tell us and we will try our best to serve you. If you are unsatisfied with our product, you will get a full refund with no conditions!

Package Dimensions: 31x304x168

Details: This set of novelty wooden spoons will always remind you Friends tv show and the fun brought by it! Package includes: 5pcs Friends themed wood spoons. Material: Made of high-quality and thick bamboo. The engraved patterns on the spoons are well-designed and may look a little different because of the bamboo’s characteristic . Size: The wooden spoons measure about 11.8*2.4*0.3 inches. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this product. Serving you is our pleasure.

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“Friends” is one of the most successful sitcoms that have been shown in the United States. The very last episode of the series aired in 2004 and was watched by over 52 million viewers in the United States. Or series by the way, “Friends” is so much more than “just” a series, it’s TV history and a phenomenon. The characters Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey are easy to charm and the series is ingenious in its simplicity – almost all the scenes take place in their apartments and at the café Central Perk – and we are many who have followed their friends during their ten years in the box.
The six friends have clearly different personality traits: Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) is the spoiled one, Monica Geller (Courteney Cox) is the pedant, Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) is the quirky one, Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) is the stupid one, Ross Geller (Ross Geller) David Schwimmer) is the kind one and Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) is the sarcastic one. Everyone has their own personal favorite and it probably differs quite a bit even though I think (after hearing around a bit) that Ross and Chandler are the big favorites.

I also think Ross and Chandler are clearly the most fun. I love Ross because he is so wonderfully nerdy, makes funny faces and does not feel like a caricature but can be taken seriously as well (which is difficult with Joey and Phoebe). Chandler’s sarcasm and comic timing have probably made him the one who laughs the most. I also think Matthew Perry is the best actor in the series. Another favorite of mine is Monica because she is funny in a more subtle way, her pedantic side is easy for many to identify with even if her personality, like all the others, has been screwed up.

Regardless of which character you like best or which one bothers you, all the actors do fantastic role performances and it is no wonder that they will forever be associated with their roles. None of the actors have had great film careers after “Friends” (with the exception of Jennifer Aniston who, however, chooses far too smooth roles and films, with “The Good Girl” she challenged herself, thank goodness!) But most of them have managed their careers relatively well in various different series. The one I am most impressed with is David Schwimmer who was very good in “Band of Brothers” and also proved to be a very good director (he directed some episodes of “Friends” and since then he has done the drama “Trust”).

I’m not overly fond of sitcoms and would rather choose drama or thriller seven days a week. There are of course exceptions that I love and I think my hatred of sitcoms is really mostly about the imposed audience laughter. The laughter in the background makes me feel “forced” to laugh and I often think that they laugh for far too long and too much, it is simply too artificial. At the same time, there are a lot of sitcoms that do not have it, thank goodness. But despite the laughter, “Friends” is a successful sitcom to say the least.

It has the sharp lines, the fast scenes, the chemistry between the actors and characters that are easy to like. Characters in series often become a kind of pretend friends, not least in “Friends” because we get to follow a gang and their relationships for ten seasons. The most fun thing about watching all the seasons of “Friends” is of course to laugh but also to see the development of the characters and how they bond with each other, bands that only grow stronger. As they go through major phases in their lives such as getting married, having children, changing jobs and moving, the spectators are constantly by their side.

With the exception of the six lead actors, there are several recurring roles that appear in all seasons, such as Maggie Wheeler who plays Janice (Chandler’s screaming ex), Gunther (James Michael Tyler) who works at Central Perk, Mike Hannigan (Paul Rudd) as Phoebe’s boyfriend and Frank Buffay Jr. (Giovanni Ribisi) as Phoebe’s half-brother.

The series is of course full of guest actors and many of our greatest actors have been in the series and made an impression. Some of these are Adam Goldberg (Eddie Menuek, Chandler’s crazy roommate), Christina Applegate (Amy Green, Rachel’s sister), Alec Baldwin (Parker, Phoebe’s unbearably positive boyfriend), Sean Penn (Eric, Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula’s fiancé), Gary Oldman ( Richard Crosby, Joey’s co-star on a film shoot, Brad Pitt (Will Colbert, Ross and Monica’s friend from school and the founder of “I Hate Rachel Green Club”), Ben Stiller (Tommy, Rachel’s date with a hard time controlling his mood) and Julia Roberts ( Susie Moss, Chandler’s date and former classmate).

Just as not all viewers have the same favorite character, everyone has different favorite moments. Two of mine are when Rachel and Ross get drunk and get married in Las Vegas and when the gang finds out that Monica and Chandler are a couple. The quality of the episodes is quite different from each other, while some are OUTSTANDING others are mediocre. “Friends” did not really last all the way through all the seasons.


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