Bronze Family Tree with 6 Hanging Picture Frames in Black

53 $

Color: Black


  • Design: Bronze 12″ tall family tree picture frame with 6 black hanging picture frames, perfect for your cherished photos of your family; the rounded stand provides a stable base so you can display the family tree frame on the tabletop or desktop of your choice
  • Material: Metal tree stand with 6 frames that give clear views of your pictures and preserve your photographs
  • Quality: Durable tree frame; the frames have sturdy backboards to keep the photos in place; load your photos and memories easily, quickly and securely
  • Use and Display: Perfect for 2×3 inch pictures of your family members (display area is 1.4×2.4 inches); place the black frames on the curved branches and leaves; the tassels are adjustable for your convenience
  • Protective Packaging: Americanflat developed exclusive proprietary packaging that helps ensure safe delivery of fragile and glass items; order with confidence, click and add to cart today

Package Dimensions: 48x366x689

Details: Bronze Family Tree Frame is the perfect centerpiece for any family occasion. Proudly display your family members and favorite moments with this frame. Sizing 12″ high with bronze colored base and gold leaves, the Family Tree Frame is the perfect centerpiece display stand. Comes with 6 individual 2″x3″ frames with black tassels. Hang the frames on the branches and proudly display your favorite family members.

UPC: 789075281094


What does a family tree mean?

A family tree is something that talks about how the family relationship is in that family, the family or what you call it.

A family tree shows who or who you can have family ties with.

In a family tree where you usually start with yourself or if you have children or grandchildren, you start with these. Then you fill in who his parents are. You also fill in who the parents ‘parents are and you can continue with the parents’ parents and so on. Through a family tree, you can find out which family ties you have to people born before or who have lived

To find out who the parents’ parents are and so on, you have to do genealogy research. When you do genealogy research, you go through and look for relatives of your relatives. You may not know which relatives you have and if you want to know then you have to do genealogy research. When you do genealogy research, you read in old church books and more to try to find your previous relatives. If you are lucky enough to find relatives, you can fill them in in your family tree.

How big a family tree can be depends on how big a family you write down a family tree about. It all depends on how many siblings and so on that you find who lived in a previous life. A family tree in a straight descending line where the number of people is doubled for each generation that goes back in time. That is, if you start with yourself and write down your parents, their parents in turn and their parents in the next step.

A family tree can be made in principle any size depending on which relatives you bring. If you include siblings of previous relatives and so on, there will be many branches in the family tree. In concrete terms, you can say that a family tree is a map of which relatives you have had and who have lived before.

Family trees can be made in different ways and a fairly common way is that you make them in a straight descending line, that is, you take up parents’ parents and so on.

Longest family tree

It is a Chinese philosopher and educator named Confucius who lived between the years 551 to 479 BC, he is a descendant of King Tang who lived between the years 1675 to 1646 BC. It is a family tree with a span of 80 generations and contains about 2 million names. Further research has been done on its relatives and it has been concluded that there are approximately 1.3 million relatives of Confucius living today and these are found somewhere around the world.

Of course, there are many family trees that are quite long and one of the longest linear family trees is kept by the Lurie family. It is believed to be the longest known family tree today.


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