Capricorn Zodiac Sign Heat Changing Coffee Mug

29 $

Color: Capricorn (Dec.22-Jan.19)


  • Heat Color Changing Mug Volume: 12 oz
  • Durable ceramics, reusable and heat resistant
  • Perfect and fun mug gift for the ones you loved, kids, girlfriend, boyfriend, grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, sister, brother on Birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day.
  • A cute zodiac signs design heat changing mug! Cold mug is dark. It showes the zodiac sign print when fills with heat liquid such as tea, coffee, milk, and any other hot drinks.

Package Dimensions: 115x161x400

Details: XIOMOO BEST GIFT CHOICE FOR MOTHER’S DAY, FATHER’S DAY, THANKSGIVING DAY, BIRTHDAY and CHRISTMAS The coffee mugs are 12oz with ceramics material. DURABLE AND REUSABLE. 12 Options as gifts: Aquarius (Jan.20-Feb.18) Pisces (Feb.19-Mar.20) Aries (Mar.21-Apr.19) Taurus (Apr.20-May.20) Gemini (May.21-Jun.20) Cancer (Jun.21-July.22) Leo (July.23-Aug.22) Virgo (Aug.23-Sep.22) Libra (Sep.23-Oct.22) Scorpio (Oct.23- Nov.21) Sagittarius (Nov.22-Dec.21) Capricorn (Dec.22-Jan.19)


Capricorn’s strengths are responsibility, discipline, ambition and a sense of humor. Weaknesses are stiffness, angularity and envy. When Capricorn, or Capricorn in Latin, is at his best, it is a person to trust when it comes to, and a loyal and loving partner.

Capricorn is an earth sign, which makes them practical. However, it also makes them stiff and stubborn. They have a hard time changing their minds or perspectives, even if they are refuted. They also have trouble accepting people who are not exactly who they are, and like to tease others about their own opinions and positions.

Capricorns are responsible and often serious by nature. They are independent, have enormous self-control and easy to lead others. They always make solid and realistic plans, learn from their mistakes and slowly climb up in their careers thanks to experience and knowledge.

Capricorn’s strengths and weaknesses

Saturn’s influences on Capricorns make them pragmatic and responsible, but also cool, distant and unforgiving. They place high demands on themselves, and their diligence, honesty and perseverance take them towards their goals. They value loyalty and hard work, and surround themselves with like-minded people, even though these people may not always be on the same intellectual level as Capricorn. They are hardworking, ambitious and do not mind long working days. Capricorns come into their own in professions that involve leadership, finance, programming and accounting. They like order and order, have full control of their papers and always a tidy desk.

Capricorns love money, perhaps more than any other zodiac sign. Good finances are a must for them and sometimes they value money higher than relationships with others. Therefore, they also have their finances in order, they do not like to waste and save their money in the bank rather than taking risks with shares and other things.

Capricorns are not team players, but enjoy being alone and working for themselves. They achieve their goals very well on their own. Many people admire the ibex because they always seem to be so collected and talented. This means that Capricorns may not offer the greatest excitement, but that you can trust them when it comes to.

Capricorn and love

Capricorns are often afraid of appearing weak and dependent on others. They have no problem giving, but often find it difficult to receive, both emotionally and physically. They are quite reserved and do not like to act or do away with themselves and always try to have control over all situations.

A Capricorn who has given his love to a partner is one of the most loyal things there is. Relationships are important to them because they need confirmation from others to strengthen their self-confidence, which can be swaying. Therefore, it is important that Capricorn meets an understanding partner who provides confirmation and allows Capricorn to perform in different ways.


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